Getting What You Pay For

They're the youngest of hearts but they grow up fast, and before you know it, they're off to college!

It's a parent's dream, but it's one that could get shattered without proper financial planning.

"Lots of families worry about it for years and years."

But there is stress relief in a popular plan that has caught the eye of nearly one million Floridians, parents with toddlers and newborns.

"We just see prices going up. So, we wanted to get in on today's prices."

That's exactly what the Florida Pre-Paid College Plan does. With a monthly fee, parents can lock into today's tuition rates rather than pay the price 18 years down the road.

"The benefit was paying today's rate, not when he went to college."

Because who knows what the cost of higher education will be a decade from now, when these little one's pick their favorite university.