Crumbie Murder Trial

A Tallahassee murder trial is underway as a young man stands accused of shooting and killing his friend just feet from his front door.

William Crumbie is accused of murdering FSU student Robert Frazier, after Frazier changed the lock and told him to get out.

"I heard a pop. I thought it was a car backfiring."

Bridgette Romer was watching TV in her apartment that night. She heard arguing, banging, and then a pop.

"I got up and walked to the blinds. I looked out the blinds, then I saw the victim laying in front of my window."

The victim was 23-year-old Robert Frazier. He died in the parking lot that night. His friend, 25-year-old William Crumbie, is accused of pulling the trigger after Frazier told him he could no longer stay at his apartment.

"I couldn't distinguish exactly what they were talking about. It was just a verbal back and forth."

One neighbor described hearing a heated argument in the moments before the gun shot. But arguably, the most powerful testimony came from Frazier’s best friend who says he got a call right before the shooting. It was Frazier telling him that Crumbie had just pulled a gun on him.

"You got someone sleeping on your floor that you really don't want there to begin with and then coming to my house to get a lock and then to go back there and then get a gun pulled on him.."

The jury, though, never heard that part of the story. The judge ruled it hearsay and off limits to those weighing the facts in this case.

Defense attorneys have tried to cast doubt on the credibility of several witnesses, saying one gave conflicting descriptions of Crumbie and several others sit in jail charged with other crimes.

Testimony in the murder trial will continue Wednesday.