Foiling a Security Fumble

Sixteen years ago, when Lomar Barkley and her husband Robert started Barkley Security, they started small.

"We got our first account from Quincy IGA, which is still there. At that time, we had only one officer."

That officer is Carl Daniels, who 16 years later, is about to provide security for the big game.

"Knowing that we started out with only myself at IGA, it shows how time flies, how we go from being small to the big times."

In a matter of days, some 80 members of Barkley will provide security for the Super Bowl.

"We have guys that are very qualified, ex-police officers, corrections officers, and they feel real safe that we can provide that type of security, and we feel very honored for that."

The agency that has more than 300 employees will closely monitor various hotels in Jacksonville, and provide security for various celebrity parties and NFL receptions.