Debate Over Proposed Bomb Test Site

The Taylor County Building and Planning Board voted five to one against amending the comprehensive plan that would prohibit a military missile/bombing range in the county.

Eddie Bodiford, who voted against the missile range, said, "There's not too many of us happy about it here in Taylor County. It's a big issue."

After citizens voted against a proposed bombing range on a November 2004 straw ballot, a land use amendment was initiated.

The recent vote by the Building and Planning Board rejects changing the plan to ban land use.

Earle Greene, a concerned citizen, said, "Without the amendment we have no way of having any control or restriction over the possibility of the military or private group coming in and putting a bombing range here in the county."

Planning board members could not respond on camera, but the chairman says voting against amending the plan had nothing to do with the missile/bombing range.

"It wasn't a missile range issue with us. It could be anything. We feel that the amendment should not ban land use across the entire county. We feel we didn't need to take that kind of action."

County commissioners are unable to comment until the issue goes before the board. The planning board plans to appeal. The issue will go before the County Commission in a few weeks.