A Child is Missing Program

No parent ever wants to experience the horror of discovering their child is missing.

But now, members of area law enforcement have a new tool at their fingertips enabling them to act fast.

There is a special meeting in Gadsden County Wednesday, law enforcement officials from Quincy, Havana, and Tallahassee.

Even members of the Gadsden County School Board, discussed the latest tool for locating missing children.

"It's very stressful whenever a child, an elderly or mentally ill person goes missing. It's very stressful. We have to worry about the fact that they can't protect themselves against strangers or people who would want to hurt them,” says Katrina Bristow of the Havana Police Department.

The program is called a child is missing, a faster equivalent to Florida’s Amber alert or Georgia’s Levi's call.

"We're used 90 percent more often, because we're used in more cases than vehicle abductions. We can be used for the Alzheimer patient, for the kid that wonders off...for the missing child, the runaway child,” says Ralph Caporale, spokesperson for A Child Is Missing.

A Child Is Missing can place up to 1,000 calls in 60 seconds, placing nearby residents on the lookout.

"If someone in that family believes that their child is missing we are going to go and look. We're not going to shrug it off and say he'll be home in a little while, he's probable doing the usual,” says Quincy Police Chief Gerald McSwain.

The federal bureau of investigation indicates close to 3,000 children and elderly are reported missing daily nationwide.

This service is provided free to area law enforcement, and remember, if your loved one has gone missing, call 911.