The Rose City Grows

If you're thinking about moving to the Rose City, it may be a good time to do so. New residential subdivisions are popping up to accommodate its swelling population.

Ethel Watkins was one of the first to move into Huntington Pointe about a year ago. She remembers when there were only four homes available.

"It has grown since I moved out here. I've got a lot of neighbors now and about to have a lot more."

Huntington Pointe is one of several developments sprouting up outside the city limits, and the county will soon welcome five more. They include multi and single family homes and townhouses.

"These developers have expanded out into the county because of the city not having enough building land available. The county is growing and we welcome that growth."

Realtors say the growth they've seen over the past few years has been fueled by retirees, and folks they call "rebounders."

"You have people retiring from up north, down to South Florida, who have found it not to be what they thought it would be. They move back up north; they've been moving to South Georgia."

For Watkins, it's a move that's taken some getting used to. "It's been quite an experience because where I lived, I lived there for 45 years. But I have enjoyed it out here. It’s close to town and close to all the stores," all of which are helping to make her feel right at home.

There are a total of more than 150 new homes to be built and they are all within two to three miles of the city limits. The Director of Planning and Building says construction will start immediately.