Not Everyone Happy Over New Speeding Fine Proposal

Almost everyone who's traveled through Lowndes County on Interstate 75 has seen local deputies on the prowl, ticketing dangerous drivers. Right now, that money stays in Lowndes County, helping fuel not only the sheriff's budget, but the county's as well. But if some lawmakers get their way, the money could be sent to the state and then sent back to the local government.

"We have people in place now, what's the purpose of taking these funds to Atlanta and redistributing them? We'll ask our state lawmakers to look at all the adverse impacts."

County leaders say if local law enforcement officers lose the incentive to patrol interstates like I-75, it might add an extra burden to the Georgia State Patrol, a burden the patrol may not be able to handle.

"Will the violators go unchecked or will the state have more state patrol officers or are we just going to spread thin the ones that we have now?"

And even if local officers and deputies continue to patrol the interstates, some wonder if the money will ever make it back here.

"Certainly based on past history, it makes one wonder if those funds will always be available."