Car Drives Through House

You won't believe the damage and how narrowly the man inside escaped. The front door is intact, but you won't need a key.

An accused drunk driver took care of that, plowing through a stop sign and the front wall of Casey Reed's home.

"He went through the kitchen and dining room, over about four couches and ended up right there."

The truck careened through two walls, tore out a gas stove, and only stopped when it landed atop a pool table in the rear of the house. With the engine still running, the driver eased out of the truck.

"He got out and said, 'Yo, man, what's your name?' We were all just stunned that he apparently, he had no idea where he was."

The man behind the wheel, 19-year-old Kyle Martin, is now in jail, accused of DUI and more.

"He was taken to the hospital to have blood withdrawn for pending results for possibly DUI and at this point, he's at the Leon County Jail."

The truck's bumper still lies amid the debris. Casey Reed is just grateful he decided to get up and go to bed instead of falling asleep in front of the TV.

"Anyone in this room would have been dead, definitely."

Casey Reed had just moved in and had the cable turned on on Monday. Obviously, he's moving out now. As for Kyle Martin, he may have added to his troubles. He's accused of scuffling with police at the scene, too.