Carpentry Class Building House

The carpenters look like true professionals. Some do hope to be someday, but right now they're carpentry students at Taylor Technical Institute.

Ken Olsen of the Taylor Technical Institute says, "We basically build a house all the way, setting up with the base and foundation of the house. We build it all the way until it's about 90-something percent complete. It takes students through the entire process of building a house."

The students are in the process of building a single-family home on campus, and the house will actually be available for sale to the public.

Brittany Sadler, a carpentry student, says, "I can use these skills to maybe draw up a blueprint and design and build my own house one day. That way I wouldn't have to rely on anyone else and it'd be exactly how I wanted it."

The firsthand experience class even helps students like Michael Johnson, who was a carpenter for three years before enrolling in the program.

Michael says, "I've learned a lot since I've been here. I learned how to lay out the walls in this house here. There are a lot of things that I didn't know since I've been in here."

Building houses isn't their only specialty. The carpentry class at Taylor Tech has saved the school thousands of dollars over the years from building improvements and construction, like the gazebo, which is one of three you'll see around campus.

The house should be completed by this May. If you're interested in buying the home, call 850-838-2545.