Law Enforcement Working Together to Keep Roads Safe

Driving down Leon County roadways, you may want to take a closer look. More and more Leon County sheriff's deputies are on the streets, and they're watching. Break the law, they're ticketing.

David Goding says, "They got me, but that's fine, that's what they should do."

Deputies with the Traffic Unit have been out in full force as part of a campaign to increase traffic enforcement activity. Simply defined, the mission is "to save lives," and they've just released the results of their efforts.

Compared to 2003 there was a 125 percent reduction in traffic fatalities last year from 36 to 16.

DEP Andrew Dawson of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "It's directly related. The number of people committing violations that aren't addressed is directly related to how many people are going to die in traffic crashes."

Ticketing went up by 51 percent with nearly 9,000 tickets being issued. Warnings also increased by 60 percent up to nearly 20,000.

DEP Steven Barrow adds, "A majority of the people are understanding. They know they broke the rules, they're sorry."

Sorry won't be enough to get out of a ticket. However, deputies say not speeding and obeying the law will, and this year they'll continue to step up traffic enforcement, aiming for better numbers and safer roads.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office has been working in conjunction with the Florida Highway Patrol and the Tallahassee Police Department to reduce traffic fatalities and enforce laws.