Quillin Hired as Leon County EMS Chief

Leon County has announced who it plans to hire as the new chief of Emergency Medical Services, and it turns out it's former City of Tallahassee Fire Chief Tom Quillin. The old chief is now the new chief.

Quillin and the county agree the walk across the street will be a good thing for the county and an easy transition for the chief.

"I have experience in the field. I served as a paramedic myself and an EMT. I've been around emergency services all my life. I spent the last 30 years working for fire departments, many of which provided Advanced Life Support services, so I'm familiar with the business," Quillin said.

Parwez Alam, Leon County administrator, added, "I think it was a brilliant idea. I think we could not have done it better."

Quillin will officially take over his new role as EMS chief Monday morning. After 15 years as the City of Tallahassee fire chief, Quillin retired from his post earlier this month and says he's looking forward to something new but familiar.

Quillin says, "I'm familiar with the town, the streets, I know the players in the health care system. I just feel like have a lot to offer."

Quillin says he cares about the community he's already served for 15 years and is honored to continue his service, just in a different capacity and a different uniform.

Former Chief of EMS Dan Moynihan was fired after an investigation into workplace sexual harassment. Deputy Chief Chad Abrams had been serving as acting chief of Leon County EMS.