School Bus Shelter Stolen

People are wondering why someone would steal a bus stop. The bench, the roof overhead and the entire shelter are gone.

Folks in Miccosukee Woods say someone has stolen a bench from their neighborhood. You may wonder why this is upsetting, but the residents say stealing is stealing, and this was no ordinary bench.

It's almost like waking up the day after Christmas to find your brand new bicycle has been stolen. In this case it's a stolen bus stop.

Emily Becker said, "We think it's really mean because we used to go there when it was rainy. Now we have no place to go; we just have to walk home in the rain."

Parents in the Miccosukee Woods subdivision noticed the hand crafted bench specially made for the neighborhood's school kids was tipped over on its side Friday. By Saturday it was completely gone.

Robert Becker, the Homeowners Association president, said, "We take it personally. It was built by us for our kids and someone took it."

The kids say their customized bus stop sheltered them from the sun and rain, but the children aren't the only ones who are going to miss it.

Bradley Hurlston said, "It's hard to stand for a long time because my mom has to come pick me up at the bus shelter when she waits for me."

Robert Becker added, "It was approximately eight by eight, seven feet tall. It had a nice a-frame roof with shingles on it and the bench went the full length of the bus stop."

Because of its size parents say it had to have been several people who took the bench with the help of some sort of truck and special tools. They said it's probably worth about $400 to $500.

The Miccosukee Woods Homeowners Association is offering a cash reward for the return of the bench or information leading to who took it. You can call 402-0856.