Valdosta's Impact on the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is a little more than a week away and some communities in our area are getting ready for the flood of football fans.

Some say it's the most wonderful time of the year, the hard hitting plays, screaming fans, and of course, this year the business boost for many communities surrounding Alltel Stadium.

Rick Williams, hotel owner, says, "Valdosta's location right here off the interstate has always been complimentary to the road traffic and certainly it'll benefit us in the overflow that may occur."

The anticipated overflow has staff at the Days Inn getting rooms ready just in case, but hotels aren't the only ones gearing up for fans next weekend.

Bridget Wilbur, Hooters Manager, says, "We're really disappointed Atlanta didn't get in, but we're still looking forward to the positive interstate traffic, definitely an improvement from what we've been having."

Even though Valdosta may not get the much anticipated flood of Super Bowl fans, restaurant and hotel owners say they'll still feel a business boost next weekend thanks to this interstate.

Bridget adds, "I would say maybe about a 30 percent increase on just interstate traffic alone because it has been a lot slower with all the work they've been doing."

Besides that, gas station managers say they expect fans to fill up in south Georgia before crossing the border where gas prices climb significantly.

All in all it looks like the big game will mean beefed up business for the local economy. In addition to the traveling fans, local businesses say they expect folks in the area to get out and watch the game, which will also help to increase business.