A Change Would Do You Good?

During General Election 2004, many people came out to cast their ballots early so they wouldn't have to worry about long lines at the polling sites on election Tuesday.

Ion Sancho, Leon County Supervisor of Elections, says, “I think the number one change that everyone is focused on is trying to make early voting more accessible. It's simply unconscionable that people should wait more than hour to vote."

Some early voters say they hope early voting does become more accessible.

Joyce Miller, an early voter, says, "When I was up there, there was a long line. It takes a while. It would be more convenient if it didn't take so long."

Sancho says that he thinks state lawmakers will make changes so election supervisors can open more early voting sites, shortening the lines and the wait.

"We would like to use recreational centers, the Civic Center, and areas that are non-governmental buildings,” he says.

Certainly since 2000, Florida has been the leader in making changes to the voting process to make it better for its citizens.