Mr. Food: Mortar and Pestle

We've all seen the mortar and pestle used as a pharmacist's tool, but actually it's been a kitchen tool for over 9,000 years!

Practically every ancient culture around the world has put this simple little club shaped handheld tool and bowl to use for grinding everything; grains, herbs, spices, nuts, seeds.

It's like the original food processor with no batteries or electric required either. With just some good old-fashioned elbow grease, the flavors of our food are released and recipe-ready for crushing, crumbling, pastes or powders.

Coming in loads of brands, styles and price ranges, these kitchen helpers are making a big comeback 'cause it makes you look very gourmet! They come in marble, lava stone, ceramic, glass, wood, even in the "big kitchen craze" design of stainless steel!

Unglazed porcelain won't absorb colors or odors. The ball and socket design's grooves cut all spices quickly, even hard spices! The grooves on the garlic slide help mince both garlic and ginger.

The salsa maker will grind and serve all the ingredients of fresh salsa in the age-old Mexican tradition! Want to get back to basics and try out the original food processor for some old-fashioned fresh taste and aroma? “Ooh it's so good!!®"