Health Concerns

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Heart disease could be the biggest health concern for local senior citizens according to some health advocates. There is a lot being offered locally to help seniors avoid serious health problems.

The Third Annual Health Fair at the Valdosta Senior Center was packed with folks looking for medical answers, and health advocates say heart health may just be the most important issue for many of these people.

Valerie Swinson of South Georgia Medical Center says, "Heart disease is one of the major conditions today that affects senior citizens and people of all ages, so we have Dasher Heart Center here providing info about heart disease and risk factors."

In addition to tackling the serious health issues, seniors also got a chance to learn and even enjoy the comforts of alternative treatments for their problems.

For many of the seniors attending this health fair, they say it's not about coming here to find out what new problems they may have in their future, but rather finding out about how their current conditions are, thanks to free health screenings.

Allen Arnold said, "I came to get my hearing checked, see about my hearing, and of course, I’ve had open heart surgery, so I came to see if there is anything new in that area."

Whatever the motivation, health providers say it's important for seniors to be proactive with their health.

Swinson adds, "By being proactive, they can come out, find out what's wrong with them, get information they can get and help them later on in life."

It’s advice doctors say could be lifesaving.

Health experts say there are plenty of preventative measures seniors can take to protect against threats like heart disease. It's first recommended they visit their doctors.