Chiropractic School Debate Over

After months of heated arguments on whether Florida State University should implement a chiropractic school, a decision is made. It was a thumbs down in Gainesville.

The proposed chiropractic school at Florida State University stopped dead in its tracks after the state Board of Governors turned it down in a 10 to 3 vote, the local chiropractic community reacting with disappointment.

Fred Russo, a chiropractor, says, "I think the community loses out; FSU loses out with revenues, the students, prospective students lose out."

The Board of Governors members say the proposal was turned down not because of the debate, but the process; the fact that the Legislature pushed the program, not the university itself.

The Legislature has already allotted $9 million for FSU to implement the program, some of which has already been spent.

As far as what to do with that money now, Carolyn Roberts, Board of Governors Chairwoman, says, "The money is a legislative issue. I will go respectfully to the Legislature and have them reconsider their decision on that."

This may not be a closed issue, at least as far as the Florida Chiropractic Association is concerned. It says the vote was nothing more than a bump in the road, adding it's not a question of if, but when a public university implements a chiropractic school.

FSU officials say they will respect the Board of Governors’ decision and at this point and will not go any further with discussion of a chiropractic program.