Tallahassee Family Loses Home to Fire

Around 11 a.m. Wednesday morning the Tallahassee Fire Department was called to 3211 Bunche Avenue on the city's south side.

CAPT Michael Robinson said, "We got here and noticed that there were flames coming out of the backside and the house was fully involved. We did an interior attack and [were] able to knock the fire down."

Authorities say the home is up to 70 percent destroyed and the family vehicle parked in the garage is a total loss, but more importantly there were three people inside the home, a woman and her elderly parents, who all made it out safely.

Lillie Flemming, a relative of the fire victims, said, "The daughter got them out before she called the Fire Department."

Now, the rebuilding process begins.

CAPT Cindy Dick said, "Obviously the family is devastated. You've built a lifetime of memories and it seems like you're lost in the moment, but they absolutely made the right choice. They got themselves out [as] quickly as possible. They left the hazardous duties to the firefighters."

Authorities estimate the total damage at around $200,000. Investigators say the fire started when food was left to cook on the kitchen stove.