Feeding the Hungry Takes the Community

Ashleigh Luke is hard at work stocking shelves and sorting a dozen different food items for America's Second Harvest in Valdosta. She's one of many volunteers who help keep this food bank up and running all year long.

Ashleigh says, "I work, I go to school and I raise a child, and I mean, I just feel like there's probably people out there who do things for me that I don't know about, so I feel like I should do it for them."

For people like Tom who work with local churches to help stop hunger in south Georgia, Ashleigh's time and effort are a much needed blessing.

While stacking the shelves and sorting the food may not seem like the most glamorous volunteer job, students say they know they're a superstar to these families that they're helping to feed.

Tom Megow of Southland Church says, "People are very pleased to be able to feed their kids. It's mostly moms and grandmoms who feed their children. There's nothing happier than a mother who's able to provide for her children."

Except for maybe these student volunteers who are busy making a positive difference right here at home.

Luke says, "It's fun; it's always fun and I come out here three or four times a year."

Jenny Akins adds, "I had no clue what went on here. I just decided to come out and give it a try."

It’s a decision that is now helping to feed millions of hungry south Georgians. America's Second Harvest will hold its annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser in April to benefit the agency's Kids Cafe.