Deterring Bank Robbers

When you walk into a bank or credit union chances are you're on camera, but a spike in bank robberies in Tallahassee proves cameras are not discouraging bank robbers.

Management at Envision Credit Union says security goes beyond just cameras.

Al Hammock of Envision Credit Union says, "Every year we go through training that prepares us for the possibility of a robbery. We're familiar with procedures we're supposed to follow. We know things that are being done to protect us."

Just Monday, three suspects robbed the Capital City Bank on Capital Circle Northwest. Harold Smith was arrested Friday for robbing the Bank of America on Lake Bradford Road and is responsible for a string of robberies on the east side of town, showing that it may not always be about security.

SGT Chris Summers of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "He felt comfortable in that particular area of town. In fact, he lives out on the east side of town. [It] may be the way the traffic flows; it may be the way the particular facility is laid out."

Hammock says you can't wait until a robbery to take precautionary measures.

Al says, "It's something that you have to keep up with all the time. There's always looking for ways to improve security. If we need more cameras, if we need some new procedure or device, we're looking for that."

Police say being prepared and not letting down their guards is the best way for banks to protect their employees and members. Tallahassee police say banks and credit unions work with them on a regular basis to find ways to improve security.