Quadruplex Engulfed by Major Fire

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Firefighters say the blaze started around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon at the Camelia apartment complex on the North Oak Street extension.

After 30 minutes the fire was put out, and so were four families.

Davieon, Danielle and many friends and neighbors stand in shock, staring at charred walls and remains of what used to be their apartment and home.

Davieon says, "There aren't any words to describe it because we don't have anything, anything at all left, and it hurts, it really does."

Only the outer shell remains of Davieon's apartment, but despite the loss she says she's thankful no one was in the building during the fire.

Firefighters say the blaze started in the bottom apartment and then spread through the rest of the building, seriously damaging two apartments and causing slight damage to the other two.

Erron Smith, a neighbor, says, "You could feel the heat back over here in the next complex where I live and it just caught us all by surprise. I'm glad no one was in there."

But what was in there was a lifetime of memories and belongings that were irreplaceable to the four families they belonged to.

Danielle Burney says, "I just lost everything I worked so hard for."

Firefighters say the blaze took more than 30 minutes to extinguish, 30 minutes that seemed an eternity to these residents.

Jim Fielding, Lowndes County Fire Chief, says, "What took so long after the fire’s out is that we have to overhaul and search for hidden fires and they also took some salvage covers in to protect some of the unburned areas."

Firefighters say the building was not a complete loss. The two apartments on the south side of the building only suffered moderate smoke damage. Investigators say they know which apartment the fire originated in, but they are still looking into the cause.