Hahira Fire Department's Groundbreaking

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Firefighters in Hahira are getting a bigger and better place to call home. The new fire station is the final piece of a larger plan to beef up public safety in Hahira.

A vacant lot will soon be home to Hahira's newest addition to public safety, a state of the art fire station. With a booming population and increasing demand for fire protection, Hahira residents say the new facility is a necessity.

M.C. Nelson, a lifelong Hahira resident, says, "I can well remember the fire departments we used to have when I was a boy. You had to take a buggy and go push it down the road with the things on it, and we've come a long way."

Hahira firefighters agree and boast a new ISO rating of 4. They say it's proof the department has worked hard at improving its service, but the department has grown so much that space at the old facility is scarce.

Dwight Bennett, Hahira Fire Chief, says, "Right now we're having to do a lease on a small building to keep some of our equipment because we don't have the room to facilitate where we're at now."

On the fire trucks there is not to much room from the top of the building’s roof to the roof of the truck. Firefighters say they've already hit the top of the roof several times when responding to a fire. They say the new station will be much more spacious and that problem won't happen anymore.

Myron Crowe, Hahira Mayor, says, "This will allow us to put all our equipment in one place and have plenty of room for equipment and training."

It is equipment and training needed to beef up public safety in a community that's growing every day.

The $250,000 fire station is being paid for by SPLOST dollars and city revenues.