"Team Teaching" Concept a Hit at Local School

Shanks Middle School teachers have embarked on a project called "Team Teaching." It's a way to give students that one-on-one help they may need to excel, and so far this program is adding up to success.

Shirley Commodore, a math teacher at Shanks Middle School, says, "We have seen an improvement in our test scores. We did a geometry unit and almost all of our students in our class passed the test, and we were able to use our Smart Board and show them. Miss Price was able to bring in her techniques, and I was able to add to it, and they've improved."

Teachers say aside from major improvements, these students are working together to master the task.

Saretta Weston, a sixth grade student at Shanks, says, "While we're in the classroom, the teacher will be able to help us. Like, for example, if the teacher is teaching one student, the other teacher can help everyone else. It gives them more time to be with different students."

Arturo Magana, also a student, adds, "It's really helped me a lot because we have two teachers and we get to learn more stuff."

The program is also helping new teachers learn from veteran teachers.

Carrie Price, a math teacher, says, "It's been helping me a real lot because Mrs. Commodore has been teaching longer than I have, so I'm picking up a lot of strategies from her, plus while we are team teaching the students are learning a lot."

The teachers are hoping this program will add up to success for these students in the upcoming FCAT.