Teen Report: Spring Break Alternatives

For those who've opted to stay in town, the Boys and Girls Club of Tallahassee has an array of activities to keep them busy.

The Boys and Girls Club is taking a shot at keeping teens busy this spring break.

Chris Letsos, the director, says, "What we want for the teens is for them to just come in be happy and do their thing just so they're not at home by themselves. We give them a little more flexibility in programming. It’s just a matter of getting them here, and while they're here we try to teach citizenship, SAT skills, career prep, and we're trying to get them all jobs."

Aside from helping them get jobs, students like Durelle Dawsey say the club is offering them a safe haven from the streets of Tallahassee. The facility is proving to be an important asset for him and other teens.

Durrelle says, "Very important, really, ‘cause, I mean, if I was just out not doing anything then nine to 10 I probably would being doing something mischievous."

The teens are not only being provided a place where they can stay out of trouble, but an enjoyable environment. So why do they keep coming to the club?

Laketria Gilbert says, "Because of the people, music room, game room. We like to have fun.”

So whether it's games or music, these teens are having a toe tapping good time at the Boys and Girls Club. The Boys and Girls Club of Tallahassee will be open from 7:30 to 5:30 this spring break.