Mr. Food: Best Buy of the Week

Mr. Food is doing something a lil' different with Saint Patty's Day approaching. The gourmet guru is going to talk about the best beef for your buck.

This week and next there'll be more corned beef sold than at any other time of the year.
It just seems right for St. Patrick's Day, so this is the week that we get all the questions about all the different kinds in the market in both the meat and deli case, and it can be a bit confusing, so here’s a little rundown.

First, there’s raw corned beef that we cook ourselves. It usually comes vacuum-packed.
Some have the pickling spices already in with the pickling brine, while some have the spices in a separate bag that we can add to our corned beef as we boil it, if we want, and they come in both brisket and round cut.

How do we know if it's done? When it's fork-tender. Plus, there are directions on the back. It takes a little while, but for those of us who love the old-fashioned home-cooked taste and are short on time, there are the pre-cooked corned beefs, you know, the kind we'd find in our deli case.

They may be a few cents more, but with no shrinkage and the time we save, they're becoming very popular, and as for which cut to buy? If we're looking for the real traditional full-flavored corned beef, that's the brisket cut.

It tends to be not as lean, but it's juicier and fuller-flavored, but if we prefer leaner, no problem! Try the more-popular-today leaner round cut. Even though it's more money than the brisket, it's easier to slice, there's less fat and less waste, so it's your choice! Of course, no matter which we choose, served with all the traditional go-alongs as a main course or piled high on our sandwiches, we won't want to just wait for St.
Patrick's Day to enjoy corned beef.

It's truly a year-round tasty good buy, filled with "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"