Battle Brewing Over New Condos

It's been a two-month-long battle between the City of Tallahassee and Florida State University. The City Commission has been considering a controversial rezoning issue, and Wednesday a decision has been made.

Call and Macomb Street in Tallahassee will be the location of The Village, a new 147 unit condominium complex just blocks away from Florida State University.

Mark Mustian of the City of Tallahassee Commission says, "When FSU, TCC, FAMU or Leon County, one of our partners in the community, and says we've got a really big problem with this, then hopefully we'd listen because I would like the same thing of them."

Florida State University declined to speak with WCTV, but over the last two months FSU has told the city that it doesn't want the corners of Call and Macomb to be rezoned, allowing the condo to be built at the prime location.

Mark Mustian adds, "So they came to us, said they had a big problem, and so I voted with them, and against the development."

The other four commissioners voted yes to the rezoning and the condo, but with some changes.

Allan Katz of the City of Tallahassee Commission, says, "We added another provision of there will be no open bar in the this particular development."

Also, the building will be 100 feet instead of the proposed 110, and there will be fewer commercial parking spaces, but one commissioner and FSU aren't happy about the vote.

Mustian adds, "I think FSU's beef seems to be that this is all in their master plan, this whole area and wanted to occupy. They're land locked."

Allan Katz says, "I think it's going to be great for downtown and the whole community."

Commissioner Katz also says that communication between the city and the university needs to be strong and the lines opened, so that in the future it can be said that this location was developed right.

There are more condos being built around the Tallahassee area, including College Park Condominiums and The Symphony.