Dog Fighting in Taylor Community

Dog fighting has been in the news a lot lately. Animal Control officers say WCTV’s special report caught their attention. They hope their story will catch the attention of those who still use their pets for the deadly sport.

The Taylor County Animal Shelter is full of battered, scarred dogs that have had to literally fight for their lives.

Brianne Hoover, the coordinator for Taylor County Animal Control, says, "Generally speaking, if they've been fought before, their aggressive nature towards other animals doesn't really hold a very good future for them. They would probably be euthanized for their safety and the safety of citizens and other animals."

The Taylor County Sheriff's Office called Animal Control to a scene back in January. Ten dogs, which appeared to be fighters, were chained in the backyard of a Taylor County man. Two of the dogs were euthanized only two days later.

Carrie Tucker, a Taylor County Animal Control officer, says, "Due to infections beyond any control, malnourished, they were scarred. Their legs were scarred up, their ears were chewed up, their muscles, they were just horrible.

OFC Hoover says aside the fact that dog fighting is illegal in the state of Florida, it's also inhumane.

Brianne says, "It's cruel. It's horribly cruel to put two animals together. These animals feel pain, they know what death is all about. They bleed, they suffer."

Animal Control says it's taking dog fighting seriously and is closely working with law enforcement to help put an end to animal cruelty.

If the remaining dogs can be rehabilitated, the shelter says it may be able to adopt them out. As for the owner of the home, where the dogs were found, the investigation is ongoing.