Cold Case Murders in Quincy

Seventeen murders have never been solved and the new sheriff is convinced that time, technology and a willing ear can change that.

In April of 2001, Travis Green was shot in the back and collapsed near his neighbor's back door. His killer was never arrested and family and friends are glad his case is one of 17 now being re-examined by the Gadsden County Sheriff's Department.

John Battles, a longtime friend of Travis Green, says, "I'm very pleased to see this case opened up because whoever committed this crime should have been in jail a long time ago."

Sheriff Morris Young and top investigators are taking another look at 17 unsolved murders. They intend to re-question families, witnesses, and even suspects in hopes that some will opt to clear their conscience.

Morris Young, Gadsden County Sheriff, says, "If we just solve one, it'll be progress. We hope to solve all of them, but if we [could] just solve one."

Among the cases to be re-examined are the 2004 murder of Melvin Northern found shot to death in a car on the side of the road, the 2002 murder of Carla Burch, whose body was found in the woods near Little River, the 2000 murder of Mistella Mock, whose body was found under a bridge, and more than a dozen others that date back to 1974.

FDLE will help re-examine the physical evidence including doing DNA tests.

Phil Kiracofe, FDLE spokesman, says, "We're going to be looking at what we've got, the kind of evidence that's there and what techniques we have available that had not been used previously and see what we come up with."

Dusting off the murder files comes as especially good news in the sawdust community, the scene of four of the unsolved murders.

There is a meeting at the Gadsden County Sheriff's Department this Saturday for the victims' families and for anyone who thinks they may have information to share about any of these unsolved murders.

If you want to know more, call the Sheriff's Office at 627-9233.