Animal Shelter Maps Out Future

The city says the center will be receiving some national attention that should help the center develop a strong future game plan.

The TLC Animal Service Center in Tallahassee is looking for a little “tlc” from a national organization.

Brenda Tanner of City of Tallahassee Neighborhood and Community Services says, "We have a lot of things going on at the shelter. Most important right now is the Humane Society of the United States inspection that the city has contracted with to help us do some strategic planning as to what we need to do to take our shelter to the next level."

Richard Ziegler of the Leon County Animal Shelter says, "I believe the Humane Society assessment will be a benefit for the Animal Shelter, for the staff, for the animals and for the public."

The decision to contact the Humane Society of the United States came about shortly after the TLC Animal Shelter director resigned, claiming problems were mounting that only a bigger budget could fix, but now the city is hoping this national consultant can help in a number of ways.

Brenda Tanner says, "They're looking at the overall process. The facility, the services programs, how we do business, how we keep our records. It's overall, not just one particular area."

Others who work closely with the shelter are hopeful as well.

Richard Ziegler says, "When HSUS comes out, the investigation is thorough and it's of the facility to make sure it's working at a maximum peak operation."

Despite past issues, the city says the TLC Animal Shelter is an award winning facility, but admits there's always room for improvement.

The city hopes when the inspection is done and the recommended improvements are made, it can make the shelter the cat's meow.

The Humane Society will arrive in Tallahassee in late April.