Schiavo Bill

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A court ordered deadline has now passed and doctors removed Terri Schiavo's feeding tube late Friday afternoon. It comes on the heels of last ditch efforts in the nation's Capitol, and Florida's.

The Senate began its day with a prayer, foretelling the outcome of the Schiavo legislation.

Sen. Mike Haridopolos, (R) Brevard County, said, “We pray that our choice will be pleasing to your ears.”

Sen. Dan Webster worked harder than anyone to save Terri Schiavo. Knowing the votes were against him, he jokingly offered a bribe.

“I’ve got a hundred-dollar bill here,” he said.

But senators were not in the mood. Nancy Argenziano was near tears over e-mails calling her colleagues murderers for not voting for the Schiavo legislation.

Sen. Nancy Argenziano, (R) Dunnellon, said, “Should God desire to keep a person alive, he’s perfectly capable of doing so without the help of feeding tubes and respirators. I do believe in that.”

When the Senate adjourned until Tuesday, it was the end of any changes of beating a 1 p.m. deadline to pass legislation. In the end, it was fear of unintended consequences that kept anything from passing.

Sen. Les Miller, (D) Tampa, said, “A majority of the members felt this bill would not save Terri Schiavo. This bill was wide spreading that’s going to affect each and every one of you."

Because the Senate didn’t actually vote on the bill, it is still technically alive. The Senate is out until next Tuesday, and pressure between then and now is expected to increase.

Sponsor Dan Webster says he will not withdraw the bill.

Sen. Dan Webster, (R) Orlando, said, “That bill will be on the calendar every day, on third reading, until she passes, and then I would withdraw it after that, but not until."

Without intervention, that day could come sooner than later. Her death is expected to follow in up to two weeks.