Pit Bulls Are Confiscated From One Gadsden County Home

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Recent stories in Gadsden County have brought the horrors of dog fighting to the forefront. Thursday, Gadsden County deputies removed several more dogs from a home in Havana believed to be involved in the sport.

The pit bulls are just a few months old, but Gadsden County deputies say they were being bred to fight. Deputies received a complaint about dog fighting and checked the conditions of the canines at a home on Washington Avenue in Havana.

LT Levon Jackson of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office says, "At the site we found five large male dogs, four puppies. They were in the house with large logging chains around them and the dogs were scarred up, which is conducive of dog fighting."

In December of last year, Gadsden County deputies came across a group of men who were involved in dog fighting. Since then, they've been vigilant in their efforts to put an end to this crime.

Thursday, some nine dogs were removed from a home in a Havana neighborhood. Deputies say most of the dogs, including a black female, had visible scars on their faces. It's the kind of animal cruelty that ends with the dogs as the ultimate victim, and it's a growing problem deputies are working hard to eliminate.

LT Levon Jackson adds, "It's very important not only for us, but for the dogs themselves, because the dogs go through a lot of pain, a lot of torture. When we find them, [they] can't be adopted as pets and there's only one solution for them."

That solution is euthanasia. Deputies say they plan to rid the streets of criminals who engage in the sport, and make it a safe haven for families.

Investigators are still working on this case. So far, no arrests have been made.