Remaining Ebony Gardens Residents Prepare to Leave

Demolition crews will start to demolish the old stockade style apartments in mid-April. April 15 is the deadline for the few remaining residents of Ebony Gardens to leave.

Claudette Cromartie of the Tallahassee Housing Authority says, "Some people that are there now have been there for a long time, and it's hard for them to separate. I understand it's hard for them."

But for others, leaving Ebony Gardens was an easy transition, and former resident Linda Beverly says it was actually a pleasure.

Linda says, "After Ebony Gardens, life has really been beautiful out here. It's very different; you don't have to worry about the sirens, the drug dealers, the crime. It's just totally different."

Beverly lived in Ebony Gardens for more than three years. She says while she misses some of the people she met there, even if it were possible, she would never go back.

Beverly says, "The buildings were old and need to be torn down. It would be better. I don't want to live there anymore."

Soon the buildings will be torn down. The demolition crews will arrive sometime in April.

Claudette Cromartie says, "If in fact it's going to cost more to upgrade the facility than it would be to tear it down and rebuild it, it's called a stress property, and Ebony Gardens met that test."

So it's officially just a matter of time before the remaining residents will have to leave, and essentially, so will Ebony Gardens.

The Housing Authority assisted Ebony Garden residents in finding new homes. HUD wants to build new town homes on the land once the demolition is completed.