Arson Case Investigation

Damage to the property at the 4800 hundred block of Crawfordville Road is estimated at a loss of $150,000.

The blaze brought firefighters out of the station around midnight. The extent of the damage told investigators the story of the fire right away. They suspected arson, the third in just three weeks.

The crime spree has made firefighters cautious any time they enter a building.

"Oh, definitely it puts you on edge," said Bernard Barrington of the Tallahassee Fire Department.

"We've been lucky as far as not having any injuries because of these fires that were set," CAPT Rufus Graddy said.

Graddy says an arsonist struck an abandoned home less than a mile away.

On Tuesday, an Inland gas and food station fell victim to a third arson.

Three arsons, three weeks, and as of yet no suspects, but investigators are actively searching for the fire starter. They've issued a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest in the blaze on Crawfordville.

If you have any information leading to an arrest in the arson, investigators ask you to call 891-FIRE to apply for the $2,500 reward.