Electricity Scam in Gadsden County

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Three Quincy men were arrested for their part in an electricity scam. Quincy city officials say the men are being accused of altering electric meters in exchange for a secret payoff.

It's business as usual for the Quincy city meter readers as they go around town doing their daily chore. City officials say during a routine read an employee discovered a meter belonging to different company, and that triggered an investigation.

Ann Sherman, Human Resource Director for the City of Quincy, says, "We're going to be uncovering, make rounds, checking meters to try to get a better feel of just how deep this scheme really is because at this point the city does not know."

What city officials say they do know about the scheme is that former city employee, Michael Robinson, may have unplugged city meters and replaced them with meters from another company, basically allowing customers to get electricity for next to nothing in exchange for money in his pocket.

Quincy police are now investigating the matter. Chief McSwain could not comment on camera about the case because it is still under investigation, but in the meantime three arrests have been made.

Police have charged Charles Davis, Michael Robinson and Terrance Marshall with fraud, theft and tampering with utilities. City officials aren't able to determine exactly how much money the trio has made in this scam.

The city manager wants to pursue this case to the end and prosecute those involved in the case. If you have any information about this case, you are asked to call CAPT James Hughes at 850-627-7111.