Lunsford Death Gives Child Predators New Publicity

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News of Jessica Lunsford's death, first raped, then murdered, has many parents outraged.

John Woodward, a concerned father, says, "That's pretty disturbing. I would want to know if anyone around here had done something like that, tried to molest them or something."

The problem is, you may never know if a sexual predator is targeting your child. Criminology experts believe there isn't a set profile. That's why they say communication is the best weapon.

Thomas Blomberg, FSU Dean of Criminology, says, "If someone says, 'have you seen my puppy,’ warn your children that they're not to go with anybody."

For Melanie Crowder, the term "just say no to strangers" has paid off.

Melanie says, "Our kids know key words for someone picking them up from school."

Another tool is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website where you'll find facts and figures on sexual predators living nearby.

Mary Coffee with FDLE says, "Currently, it houses all folks. It's been up and running since 1993."

In the past week, the site has seen nearly a half million searches, the result of concerned parents across the Sunshine State.