Advocates Speak Out on Terri Schiavo Case

A new poll shows that 70 percent of Americans believe Monday morning's congressional vote was inappropriate. This is an emotional case that some say is about the right live, and others say it's about the right to die.

There's another fight that surrounds the Terri Schiavo case. It starts with the question: how involved should the government be in cases like this?

Father Peter West says, "I am here to save a woman's life."

Alexandra Weiss says, "I believe she has a right to die."

For years, people have been debating what should happen to Terri Schiavo. More recently debated is how involved should the state and now federal government be?

Peter West says, "The government needs to step in and save her life."

Fred D'Alesio shares, "I really don't understand how they would be willing to let the judges just bully us around."

Brandon Matthews adds, "In this case, it's gone through the courts multiple times and it keeps staling and going back. There's too many people out there with hidden agendas and using her as a tool to an ends."

In a new poll, more than 60 percent of Americans believe politicians who are taking action to save Schiavo's life are doing it for political gain only, and don't care about Schiavo's quality of life.

Dr. Mary Porta says, "We are not in a position to determine quality of life. The issue is not quality of life, but is she alive?"

Alexandra Weiss says, "This is just one time. If we do this for this one person, it's going to happen again. That's why it's important to have a living will."

The Vatican, Orthodox Jews and other spiritual leaders are weighing in on the Terri Schiavo case. The Vatican is criticizing the removal of her feeding tube, saying she should not be treated like a broken household appliance.

Other religious leaders are saying that keeping the brain-damaged woman alive is tampering with the process of death.