Suwannee County Plan for Economic Development

Officials plan to maximize their community's potential.

The City of Live Oak and the Suwannee County Commission have signed an agreement to work side by side to improve economic progress.

Billy Maxwell, chairman of the Suwannee County Commission, says, “It’s my intentions, and I'm sure theirs, that we're going to work together and make it happen, and we're going to make it happen as quick as we can."

The U.S. Highway 129 and Interstate 10 corridor is the fastest growing area in Suwannee County. The county will help the city apply for development grants to enhance the area to draw in more businesses.

Local residents say the Wal-Mart Supercenter is the biggest thing going for them in this area. Most of the people shop here; a lot of people work here. They say they hope the joint project with the city and county will expand to more opportunities.

Peggy Melanson, a Suwannee County resident, says, "They need to expand their choices of retail stores, restaurants, and they need to attract the bigger companies.”

City and county officials say it's a win-win for everyone, and most importantly, for citizens who'll benefit from the job creation.

Don Boyette, president of the Live Oak City Council, says, "We've got approximately 500 jobs on the line and this will help accomplish that. The city cannot do it alone; the county cannot do it alone."

Both sides say their new partnership is only the beginning to building a Live Oak that citizens and visitors can both enjoy.