Dangerous Animal Registry

Leon County Animal Control has a website that lists animals that are classified dangerous or aggressive by county ordinance.

Richard Ziegler, the director, says, "An animal classified as aggressive in Leon County is an animal that has attacked another animal while off its own property. An animal that has been classified dangerous is one that has bitten, attacked or has threatened a human or has attacked a domestic animal a second time."

An investigation is done after a resident complaint is filed. If the dog is deemed dangerous or aggressive, the owner has to register with the website. The case number, street name and full description of the animal is listed along with the dog's picture.

Melinda Henson, a dog owner, says, "Especially, us with the little ones, to know if we have mean ones around or aggressive ones, not only for the smaller animals, but the children, too."

By county ordinance, dangerous and aggressive dogs must be secured in a locked enclosure.

Richard says, "There have to be signs posted. The dog, whenever it's outside the enclosure, has to have a muzzle on at all times and on a leash controlled by an adult."

Ziegler says the website shows the county's serious commitment to Animal Control and public safety. The dogs remain on the registry until they die.

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