Southern Scholarships

Just like WCTV, a local organization is celebrating its 50 year anniversary, and it has reason to celebrate. Over the past five decades, the Southern Scholarship Foundation has helped thousands of students get their college degree.

The Southern Scholarship Foundation has been providing rent free housing to bright college students with financial needs since 1955.

April Herrle, a former SSF recipient, says, “I'm one of five children; my family wasn't in a position to send them all to college.”

However, Herrle is one of more than 7,500 students who received the help through the Southern Scholarship Foundation, which serves FSU, FAMU, BCC, UF and Florida Gulf Coast University.

Many of the students are from single parent homes or are first generation college students, and saving $5,000 a year makes their dream of a degree come true.

Cindy Michelson, SSF president and CEO, says, “We're reaching out, touching deserving students so they can go back and be productive in their hometown.”

Between 17 and 29 students from different backgrounds and cultures live in each house, only paying for utilities and food. Along with the diversity comes organization, as officers are elected and duties assigned in each of the 27 houses.

Turkesia Robertson, a head resident and FAMU senior, says, “The main thing is cleanliness and respect for others, because if there no respect for others, then the house would just become chaos.”

The houses are run today just as they were in 1955. An official 50 year anniversary celebration will be held April 13. For more information on the foundation, call (850) 222-3833.