New Security Measures Put in Place at Grady County Courthouse

Ann Anderson came to the Grady County Courthouse to get a motorcycle tag and thought she was running in and out.

Ann said, "I was shocked. I went to the other door and they made me come around."

But like every other visitor to the courthouse, Anderson was greeted at the main entrance by an armed deputy, officers and a metal detector.

Another visitor said, "I think it's great for the safety of the people. It's a wonderful thing; they should of had it long time ago."

Grady County's sheriff shares the same sentiment. The sheriff says security has been a hot topic for years, and it's finally in place.

Sheriff Harry Young says, "Any time you have a shooting of a court reporter, officer, anyone in a courtroom, it makes you open your eyes and realize anyone is vulnerable, and we need to do something to prevent it in Grady County."

Most did not mind taking a few minutes to be screened. They say it wasn't an inconvenience at all.

Ann Anderson, a Grady County citizen, said, "It was fine, except for all the junk in my purse!"

Folks say it's worth the feeling of safety in a time of uncertainty. Officers did confiscate a knife Tuesday, but no other weapons. Officials want people to know cells and pagers are no longer allowed in the courthouse.