Schiavo's Parents Appeal Federal Ruling

Terri’s parents have turned to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. Legislation that would require the tube to be reinserted is still stalled at the Florida Capitol, and protestors are circulating a "wanted" list of nine Republican senators.

Senators arrived to find an anonymous "wanted list" on their desks. It depicts the nine Republicans who voted against the Schiavo legislation. The morning session ended as it began, two votes shy of majority to pass a bill that could reinsert the brain damaged woman’s feeding tube. Afterward, most shrugged off the wanted list.

Sen. Burt Saunders, (R) Naples, says, "I just saw it when I came in today. It didn’t have any affect on me."

While the senators listed on the flyer brushed it off, when asked publicly behind the scenes, many believe it did more harm than good.

Two key House sponsors came to the Senate office building, clearly disappointed.

Rep. Dennis Baxley, (R) Ocala, says, "I don’t see what they see the dignity is in letting a person starve to death."

Rep. David Simmons, (R) Altamonte Springs, adds, "We are going to discuss alternatives with Sen. Webster."

Senate sponsor Dan Webster is rejecting the idea of changing guardianship laws. He continues to pursue two elusive votes among his 39 colleagues.

Sen. Dan Webster, (R) Orlando, says, "I’m trying to come up with something that might be acceptable, but that’s almost impossible. All I want to do is get enough votes to get an idea out of this chamber."

The search for compromise continues with everyone acknowledging that just one day remains for the Legislature to act, or cast Terri Schiavo’s fate by not acting.

Florida lawmakers head home for Easter on Thursday, and only the Senate is meeting Wednesday, which will be its last chance to act. We'll keep you posted on any rulings from the 11th Circuit Court in Atlanta.