Women's History Month

In honor of Women's History Month, TCC hosted a program called "Women Change America."

It included a pretty impressive panel of women from all walks of life, but with one commonality of service and perseverance. Wednesday, this group was honored at Tallahassee Community College's Ninth Annual Women's History Month Celebration.

LT Joani Chase of the Tallahassee Police Department says, “You progress through your career; to have somebody in your 24th year say, ‘hey, you made a difference,’ it means a lot to me. Most of our students on every level are female.”

Keynote speaker Betty Castor stressed to the audience the importance of remembering the past.

Betty said, “I was the first elected woman on the Hillsborough County Commission, and the fourth elected in the Florida Senate, so there's been a lot of change just in the last three decades in this state.”

Another area that's seeing some changes is sports. Former FSU volleyball coach Cecile Reynaud, also honored by TCC, says Wednesday's headline says it all.

Cecile said, “Pat Summit just set the record with the most number of wins for any basketball coach, and I think there are opportunities out there for women, but they just don't realize it.”

However, female students honored at the event are taking notice. In all, 10 women from the community and five TCC students were honored during the Women's History Month Celebration.