FAMU Day at the Capitol

The Florida Capitol was full of Rattlers Wednesday afternoon in celebration of FAMU Day. The university's interim president declares it a day of working together to change negative to positive.

Florida A&M University leaders, students and supporters flooded the Florida Capitol Wednesday for FAMU Day. The university got the opportunity to display programs offered and speak with lawmakers about legislative priorities.

Jackye Maxey, a FAMU lobbyist, said, "Most of them deal with access retention, graduation rates. We're also asking for money for teacher training and nursing."

Audit problems, athletic department woes, concerns about national merit scholars and enrollment decreases of out-of-state students have all hovered over the university lately.

Recently named interim president Dr. Castell Bryant is using FAMU Day to show the state of Florida the university is optimistic.

Dr. Castell Bryant says, "I don't see the crises and the challenges that we're facing as a negative thing. I see it as our opportunity to take a look at what we do and how we do it, and improve upon it."

Sen. Tony Hill, (D) Jacksonville, adds, "I'm on a committee that has some oversight, which is the joint legislative audit, and she is working real close with that committee. We have lent some of our expertise. Everything looks like it's going up."

Bryant says going up is exactly where the university is heading. The excitement and teamwork from FAMU Day is just the beginning. University leaders say they've received positive feedback from the Legislature.

FAMU Day has been held at the Capitol for nearly 20 years.