Georgia Schools Head Makes Stop in South Georgia

Kathy Cox left big city life behind Wednesday and enjoyed some warm south Georgia hospitality from Lowndes County students.

Educators wasted no time bending the superintendent's ear about some of the local education needs.

Samuel Clemons, Lowndes Middle School Principal, says, "Schools are charged to make adequate yearly progress through the No Child Left Behind law, and there are some things we need as far as funding and some other things we need in order to make those gains and achievements."

And it looks like that funding could be on its way to south Georgia soon enough.

Kathy Cox, State Superintendent of Schools, says, "You know, the state is always about a year behind reacting to the economy, good or bad, and so while the economy may be recovering, it won't really be reflected till the '07 budget."

Even though that's still a couple of years away, Cox says she's very impressed by how south Georgia schools are stretching that dollar for success.

Dr. Steve Smith, Lowndes County Schools Superintendent, says, "We have a lot of innovative programs that are very successful within the Lowndes County School System. We have a new balance score card that we implemented. We're just real proud of the accomplishment of our students and staff in the school system."

Cox adds, "When you really care about the education of kids, it takes the whole community, it's not just a schools job, it's everyone's job"

It is the exact partnership this south Georgia community loves to brag about.