Schiavo Debate Bringing Friction Within GOP?

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Sen. Mike Bennet is one of the “Republican nine,” the group of senators who voted against the bill to keep Terri Schiavo on a feeding tube. Bennett believes the bill violates core Republican principals.

"The e-mails against the Schiavo bill lawmakers are getting express the same concerns: keep government out of family decisions, and the bill isn’t appropriate for someone who espouses family values."

But the top Republican in the Florida House disagrees. Allan Bense says it’s about protecting Terri Schiavo’s right to life, a fundamental conservative belief.

Rep. Allan Bense says, "I don’t think it goes against our principals of preserving our freedoms and our liberties and things like that. We want to let this person live.”

Bense and others don’t think it’s a Democrat versus Republican debate. People on both sides of the issue are coming from both sides of the aisle.

Democrat Dan Gelber worries about big brother coming between a husband and wife.

Rep. Dan Gelber, (D) Miami Beach, says, "When they try to do what their spouse wants, when they try to carry out their wishes, they don’t want the government sitting there making that decision for them. I don’t know that that’s particularly Democrat or Republican. I think that’s American."

It is one of the toughest debates legislators of either party have ever struggled with.