Residents Begin Cleaning Up in Aftermath of Deadly Tornado

At least one person is dead in the wake of twisters, and Gov. Purdue has declared a state of emergency in three south Georgia counties.

It is a tragic scene in Seminole County. One resident is dead, several others injured, and dozens of homes are completely wiped out. It's a sea of debris. What used to be home has now become scrap. For several Seminole County residents, Tuesday's twister left a devastating mark.

Andrew Virgin said he was, “Just picking up kids clothes so they have something to wear until they get something else.”

Emotions run high off Old Jakin Road, where one life was taken and another was spared.

Billy Reynolds says, “I ran to [the] window, looked out, and the trailer was gone. The storm hadn't hit my house yet.”

Billy Reynolds was able to ride out the storm in his bathtub. His neighbor wasn't so lucky. It's a puzzle of cinder blocks where the doublewide sat. Inside was a woman in her 30s fast asleep; she never saw the tornado coming. Her name was Mary Burrington, a mother of three.

Just down the road was another blow by mother nature. A 110-year-old home was sideswiped by the tornado just one day before new owners would close on it.

Louisa McNease says, “There was a huge barn here, but I had gotten most stuff out Saturday. We'd moved everything out.”

Mike Newberry adds, “That house is still standing. A lot of homes north aren't there anymore.”

Georgia emergency officials say the damage is widespread. North on Highway 91, power lines are down and massive trees are uprooted. Both have caused power outages across south Georgia.