Leon County Looks Into Dangerous Road

A new Leon County study shows that from 2002 to 2004 there were at least 46 car crashes on Deerlake Road and connecting Kinhega Road in Killearn Lakes.

Tony Park, director of Leon County Public Works, says, "We're always looking into those areas where we've found accident history like this to see if we can improve the safety of the roadways."

One resident of the Killearn area says the problem is obvious.

Brad Troutman, a Killearn Lakes resident, says, "The speed is the problem, not paying attention while driving, carelessness. The study showed all of the one-car accidents were due to excessive speed."

Troutman also says the solution is just as obvious.

Brad Troutman says, "Education is the probably going to be the best way to curb the problem out here to prevent any more tragedies. I just can't stress enough that if you do the speed limit, you won't crash. You won't die if you hit a tree at 30, you will at 60 or 70."

One plan to stop the speeding is great to some of the neighbors, but not to those who get caught and have to literally pay the price.

Brad adds, "I think Florida Highway Patrol and the Leon County Sheriff's Office has noticed the problem and they’re doing a great job making their presence known."

The county reports that the uniquely designed roads of Kinhega and Deerlake do meet design standards, but say there are some issues that will have to be looked into.

Some suggestions on top of controlling the speed include cutting down trees or adding guard rails, two options that residents say they don't care for.