At Risk Kids and Academics

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Leon County school officials say an average of 2,000 students are suspended each year. There is an alternative solution to helping these kids get on the right track.

More than 12 students who have been suspended from Leon County schools are currently enrolled in the "Suspension Termination Opportunity Program.,” or STOP.

Cassandra Lofton of STOP says, "While they're being suspended from the Leon County schools, they can come here and continue to do their class work and become successful in passing their grades."

For the past week these teens have been spending their spring break indoors, getting a crash course in reality from guest speakers, all in hopes of helping these juveniles avoid a life of crime, and so far the message is being heard loud and clear.

“John Doe,” a participant, says, "It's been really beneficial for me. It's helping me make great decisions and all these motivational speakers help me turn my life around and do the right things in life.”

Organizers are hoping those right things will include becoming a positive student and model citizen rather than another statistic in the court system.