Talking 'Bout a Resolution

A big step toward so called "functional consolidation" could be right around the corner for the City of Tallahassee and Leon County.

Commissioner Allan Katz says, "I think we have the potential here to really take a number of issues and resolve them for the foreseeable future."

Cliff Thaell, Leon County Commission Chair, adds, "The proposal that Commissioner Katz and I have hammered out to bring to our respective commissions is, in my view, historic and has the potential to resolve years of disputes."

The proposed agreement, still in need of approval, deals with issues related to city-run parks and recreations and fire services and allowing the county to charge more at its transfer station.

Both sides agree that would be a major accomplishment.

Cliff Thaell says, "We resolved the Killearn Lakes sewer problem. We addressed the health and safety issues and avoided a $10 to $15 million capital cost."

Allan Katz adds, "We will be having the city water and sewer available throughout the unincorporated area."

Commissioner Thaell says this agreement is financially fair to both sides and will make sure people get their fair share of good services. Both commissions must decide on the proposed agreement before May 16.