Dissing 'Dosta?

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After months of planning, and several public meetings, the Valdosta City Council could vote Thursday night to annex all of the unincorporated islands. The islands are either surrounded or connected to the Valdosta city limits.

Gene Pullett, who is against forced annexation, says, "The community meetings have simply been the city's way of meeting the requirements of the law. I think they intended even before those meetings took place that this was what they were going to do, and those meetings have actually meant nothing."

City councilmen who support the annexation say the city is within its legal right under Georgia law.

Many signs around the Azalea City mark areas for annexation. City leaders say this plan has been so controversial that they don't know which annexation plan will finally be selected at the meeting.

Willie T. Head, Jr., a councilman, says, "I think we've heard a lot from the community, we've heard a lot from the planning staff and commission, so this is our opportunity to render some kind of decision based on all the information we've secured."

Opponents say if the plan is passed, they will take action at the voting booth.

Pullett says, "In fact, we will be remembering this and will certainly be concerned about this when election time comes."

It means these Valdosta councilmen have a lot to consider before voting to forcibly expand the city's limits.